“While Art in all his forms is our passion, costume and props creation is our dedication”

In-ovart is an event’s organizer company which creates and provides live professional entertainment.

Incorporated in June 2014 In-ovart wants to promote its unique identity and its creative approach by bringing a touch of innovation in all the services proposed to its prospective client.

We are an entertainment company that thrives on the excitement of being involved at every level of every project. We strive to produce high quality work because we are dedicated to make sure each and every service that we are offering stands out from one another.

Whether it is the creation of new musical arrangements or dance choreographies In-ovart has the ability to imagine and bring an original touch to each project that’s not restricted to the dancing and musical aspect of the company. In-ovart also designed and created unique costumes and props which are used in our various shows/performances.

We aspire to share our passion for music, dance and prop/costume creation and we are always striving to search for new opportunities to innovate in our work. Our quest is to share our passion for Art to the world.

Our latest innovation“THE ARTISTIC  LIGHT DRESS”

A one-of-a-kind light show designed, created and conceived by Nora Francoise

You are planning a cocktail party? You want to impress your guests?

Here is your answer. Add your own creative spark by having your evening Cocktail enlightened by The Artistic Dress flickering lights.

The ARTISTIC LIGHT DRESS will bright up your evening, light-up your life and concomitantly the life of your guests.

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